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Magical Maleny

Magical Maleny             
                          Vision Statement

The purpose of promoting the Magic of Maleny is to help raise the consciousness of humanity by bringing people from all nations and cultures together to experience meaningful interactions, through learning and understanding the differences in race, religion and cultural history. Celebrate the diversity and embrace the commonality with love and tolerance, helping to bring lasting peace and goodwill to all.

Mission Statement

Spreading the goodness that is experienced by the people who live in Maleny by inviting people to come and discover what makes this place so appealing to innovative thinkers, looking for social and environmental change. Through creative and meaningful interactions between locals and visitors, people sharing their passions of life by teaching and learning, developing lasting connections and friendships like a web around the world.      


                   Magical Maleny
Inviting people from around the world and within Australia to    

There is much to do and be part of, as innovative thinkers, social
changers and many with vision and artistic ability, who are attracted to
this place like a magnet, are always busy with a new plan to change the
way they do things, enhance their own lifes, improve their community
or change the world. Maleny is a place where the people have great
determination to control their own destiny, it has become famous as
the ripples of this go far and wide around the globe.

People choose to come and live in Maleny or actually it seems they are
brought here often in unusual circumstances, and for those who call this
intriguing place home, they have proven that when like minds come
together and work in cooperation you can do things, that really do make
a difference.


Since the 1970s the people of Maleny have been coming up with new ideas,
forming cooperatives, creating new enterprises to meet the needs of the
community, demonstrating how things can be achieved when you have the
courage and confidence and support of others to follow your heart and make
your dreams come true. Often these initiatives have been so successful they
are now duplicated around the country and around the world, making a
difference on a global scale. Things often happen first in Maleny!


This very project encompasses what makes Maleny different
an entrepreneur believing in an idea, having a dream and finding
a way to make it happen.


Those coming from overseas may wish to learn or improve their English,
learn new skills or further develop an area of interest or
expertise, or even share what they know with the people of Australia.

Visitors can stay with families or any of the many accommodation houses
and interact with those with similar interests to themselves. Artists, organic
farmers, film buffs, poets, musicians, social activists. The idea is for this visit
to make a difference in the lives of all who participate in any way, through
meaningful interaction between hosts and visitors.


Many people from Maleny and the whole region are invited to be involved in
offering experiences to visitors to help make all the interactions most memorable.

This is further growing and developing what the region has to offer,
bringing even more visitors, who are spreading the word of their own
wonderful experiences and recommending it to others. This brings not
only income to the region but also great joy and fulfillment as the sense
of connection to those around the world grows.


Return visitors are very common and are encouraged to develop relationships
between people and cultures. Visitors are asked to be ambassadors for
Australia when they return to their homes, promoting more visitors to follow
in their footsteps. Thus agents of change are being set up around the world
spreading the word about this wonderful experience to be enjoyed by all.

A bus is available for sightseeing trips so groups can be catered for to further      enhance the participation of experiences around the area

International visitors who develop an affinity with this project may wish
to be part of a team of bridge builders encouraging people to visit their
own country and learn more about the real people and places not usually
available to the everyday tourist. Australians who have a desire to work
overseas can also be involved in spreading the word.

magicalmaleny.com is all about YOUR OWN special experience with Maleny and it's people. We invite you to become a friend of Magical Maleny so our interaction and relationship can grow.


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