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Magical Maleny
  We love planting trees
   and will plant trees for you
  Offsetting Your Carbon Emissions
  is so easy at Magical Maleny
  Even if you live in the city
  and don't have a large property
  you can still do the right thing
  and offset your emissions by planting trees.
  You can come to Magical Maleny and plant
   your  own trees or we will plant them for you.
  Just tell us how many trees you want us to            plant5 trees, 10 trees, 50, 200, 1000 trees etc.
   and we will be happy to do the planting on
   your behalf. 
Magical Maleny
Trees are vital to our survival so we spend a lot of time, collecting
seeds, carefully tending seedlings, constantly watering and weeding,      transfering to pots, so we are all ready for your order . Please support     our effort to keep this beautiful planet and all who live upon her           breathing clean air.  Order your trees and have them planted today. 


1 to 10 trees $18 each

11 to 20 trees $16 each

21 to 30 trees $12 each

31 to 50 trees $10 each

51 to 100 trees $9 each

Over 100 trees $8 each


Price includes the cost of the tree, planting and mainenance for 12 months


Planting trees has never been so easy
We can do all the work but you get all the credit!

So don't delay, order your trees today
email :  info@magicalmaleny.com




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