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Whatever your answer, the next question is the same Why?
What makes you happy or not happy?
This is where I like to start when people come to me looking for more happiness.
How to  BE HAPPY?
1st Step is to know "Who you are” "Who you  want to Be?”
2nd Step is to know "What You want to DO?” and "How You want to DO  IT?”
3rd Step is to know "How to get from Where You are Now to Where You want to Go”
Today I had this message to share with my friends on Facebook
Inspired by it being a NEW YEAR. You may find it very interesting and you may want to take advantage of my special offer which I extent to you to help you to BE HAPPY THIS YEAR

In Every Moment we are creating our next moments, every day of the year. When we start a NEW YEAR, we are far more conscious of our own role in choosing what we want and what we get. Which makes NOW - in the first week of the first month of this brand new year, the time for you to make some choices.

Most of our lives we are limiting ourselves to fit in with our belief system. This is the idea we have of ourselves and who we are, what we do and what we can't do! These ideas have been developed over time by what we see around us, how we feel and are greatly influenced by the people in our lives.

Most of us are "Quite happy thank you" as we have found our comfort zone and are settled into the life we have made for ourselves and what a great blessing that is. Never take any of it for granted, give thanks, everyday for it all.

There are some people, who are not settled with who they are and what they are doing right now, or in the past. Some people are feeling very unsettled, they want more or different but this can be an unpleasant place to be, if you don't know what you want or are unsure of how to make the changes you are always wishing for.

Most of us have no idea of what is possible, who we really are, who we can be, what we can do and all importantly, how we can feel.

This is where I love to help...
As a guide, a coach, a mentor and as a friend, I can help you see behind the veil of limit. 
I can replace the mirror you constantly look into that reflects the past, with a

I follow my guidance and together we discover the reason we are in each others presence. It is always inspiring and exciting, sometimes a bit scary but usually becomes obvious that our meeting is all part of the great plan!
I did not sit down at my computer to write this message, I just came to check for a message (that's what I thought anyway?)

Now I am smiling because one of the things I wrote on my New  Years list was
"Work with Spirit in Each Moment" This is an example of what I meant by that.
A clear message for me to get started helping people as soon as possible.
People are waiting for guidance, wondering which way to go, what to do.
Now I have a vision of me like a traffic warden where people are stuck at an intersection.

Often the most important instruction I can give is to "STOP!"
I can see the road they are on is heading over a cliff.
To just "STOP" and evaluate, can sometimes be the best action. You need to know...
Where it is you want to go? Who is it YOU want to be?
Let's see if we can find an enjoyable scenic route with lovely possibilities along the way.
We want this to be "The Journey of Your Life" let's plan it carefully!

How am I going to help you?
Writing this has inspired me to offer you something special..

Looking at the calendar Saturday 31st January jumps out as the day to offer my favourite one day workshop "Create a New and Exciting Future for Yourself"
I love this one because it is where everyone should start, it's the beginning.
It's a "Fresh Start" It's clearing the old to make way for the NEW" Yes! I just love this one.

To make it irresistible, as I think it is vital for everyone to do this workshop because it gives you the tools, it shows you how so you can repeat the process every NEW YEAR
or whenever you want to plan a new trip!!

Usually $300 for the day, that can totally change your life and those around you by the influence of "who you are" having on them.
I am going to 1/2 it, Yes! I want to invite you to come along and enjoy every moment of this special day, that is JUST FOR YOU. This day that never ends, as you take it home with you, you continue what you start on this day, everyday.

Yes! It is very special,
it is also VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU AND YOUR FUTURE AND THOSE AROUND YOU (your children, partner, siblings, parents, employees, clients, friends, workmates etc.)
It does not stop with you, what you learn, you will want to teach, you'll want to share in some way. The energy of change will run through you, radiate out from you and this causes more change, the ripple effect can reach far and wide, touching people and places we could never imagine. This is how "Working with Spirit" works!

One on One Private HELP sessions can be very important at anytime,
but clearing any issues that could stand in the way of you creating a new you,
before this workshop can give you a dynamic start to this special day.

Usually $250 with no time limit, we do what we need to do, it's all about you
and what you need to be able to move forward in whatever way is right for you
and whatever that means for you.

Never be afraid to confront the BIG or very small things that have you trapped,
going around in circles year after year. They are often so easy to change, eradicate and transform, that it is such a waste of your potential to allow these things to control you.
I invite you to clear yourself of what is holding you back, even if you don't even know anything is holding you back, we soon discover there are subtle elements in our belief system that put an imaginary line for us, not to cross. We can move it or rub it out.
(You bring the line and I'll provide the eraser)

Book your One on One HELP Session NOW call 07 54942838   0438776836 
or email v@magicalmaleny.com

My New Years Inspired 1/2 price Special Offer – ONLY  $125  WOW!

I'm excited at the prospect of helping you to move forward, no, catapult yourself into this New Year. (In person, phone or Skype/Facetime)

Come to the 1/2 price workshop and you get both for less than the usual workshop fee!! Yes! That's what I call being helpful!
Places are limited for workshops so please Book Your Place Now  call Veronica Davidson 07 54942838   0438776836  or email  v@magicalmaleny.com

My New Years Inspired 1/2 price Special Offer for this Life Changing Workshop
"Create a New and Exciting Future for Yourself”
ONLY  $150  WHAT!  Am I sure?  YES!  Let's DO IT!  Let's be the Best we can Be!
Held at Magical Maleny 9am till 4.30pm Saturday January 31st
I can't wait to see you there
Love Veronica
If are in Business or would like to explore ideas you have for an enterprise check out our 

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