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Make this the year for REAL ORGANIC FOOD
If you can't get it FRESH from your garden, you can get it right here.
We are helping people stay healthy by growing organic herbs and veggies for our retreats and workshops. My lovely chickens lay deliciously golden eggs and we gather honey from our own bee hives.

If you have shared a special retreat with me, you will know there is a herb tea for every occasion. If you have heard me speak about "How to Stay Healthy" you will know the benefits of having a variety of different herbs and greens each day. 
Come and visit us at Magical Maleny to connect with nature and take some of our ORGANIC produce home with you! Check what ORGANIC HERBS are on sale today. Buy direct Herbs can be posted to anywhere in Australia. We have grown, dried and packaged them, just for you.
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Understanding why your pH is so important


pH is one of the main indicators of excellent health and should not be ignored. pH is the acid/alkaline balance in the body and is set at 7.365 in the blood stream. When pH is too acid, it puts a strain on the immune system that is trying to maintain the blood pH balance, this acidity results in inflammation and dis-ease.

Inflammation is the major cause of illnesses such as Arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Asthma, Hay Fever, Fibromyalgia, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Dermatitis, and aging! The list goes on...

Many researchers say that cancer and many diseases thrive in an acidic environment but do not survive in an alkaline environment. As an alkaline pH level reduces inflammation, it would make sense to monitor pH levels and strive to maintain an Alkaline pH. It may just save your life by keeping you disease free!


Most people who are ill, have their saliva or urine test results at below 6.5, which puts the body under extreme pressure. As acidity increases, organs weaken, creating dysfunction. If your pH is acidic, you really need to do something about it if you wish to enjoy good health.

The standard cause is stress, which slows digestion and creates acidity, plus eating acid based foods. The other major cause is the toxic environment most people find themselves in. Just about everything we eat is laced with chemicals, preservatives, mould inhibitors, stabilizers and all manner of toxic substances.


The poor health of those living near coal mines and electricity generation facilities, as well as those living near agricultural farms where pesticides are sprayed, often have serious health challenges. Heavy metals and agricultural chemicals cause havoc with the complex systems of our body, which leads to failing health. Some say up to 85% of health challenges come from toxicity, so removing toxins is the first place to start, to improve health.

Eating organic and more alkaline foods reduces stress and slows down the flood of chemicals entering the body. One way to get more Alkaline food in our diet is to choose organically grown green leaves as often as possible.


Magical Maleny Health and Wellness Centre sells seeds and plants so you can grow your own, we also dry them so you can keep a variety of organic herbs and greens on hand at all times. Add them to any foods or drink them as a delicious and nutritious herbal tea.  Organic Herbs Page 


Of course picking fresh home grown organic fruits and vegitables everyday is the best way, but the earth they are grown in needs to be nutrient (mineral) rich with a balanced PH. So it's not that easy these days to get what our body really needs and to be able to absorb the nutrients. Fresh juices made from your own grown food are great and you can even add extra nutritional powders, nuts and seeds. The juicing process removes the fiber leaving a concentrated, easily absorbable liquid food, or use a blaster/blender to include all the fibre.


About 20 years ago the very first Zeolite product was brought to the western world (used in the east for hundreds of years) with it's ability to travel through the blood stream, it actually captures heavy metals and toxins at the cellular level helping maintain a more alkaline system. A teaspoon of Pure Zeolite Powder once or twice a day, will do the trick. BUT NOT ALL ZEOLITE PRODUCTS ARE EQUAL AND WE CAN ONLY RECOMMEND ONE SO PLEASE LEARN THE DIFFERENCE. Email us and we will send you all the info so you can make an informed decision on which zeolite to trust.   www.purezeolite.com.au

For more info call Veronica 54942838  0438776836 or email goodhealth@magicalmaleny.com


Wishing You Good Health and Happiness


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